Authority Link Sources

It is well known that in order to Rank High in Search Engines you need to build High-Quality backlinks from Authority sources.

SEO Autopilot allows you to get those valuable backlinks from:

  • ALL Major Web 2.0’s
  • Authority websites
  • Edu websites
  • PDF Upload
  • Social Bookmarkings
  • Forum Profiles
  • URL Shorteners
  • Article Directories
  • Gov backlinks
  • PBN Backlinks
  • Big “G” Assets

* Note: some link sources are not yet available

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Keyword & Link Diversity

SEO Autopilot Software uses 10 types of keywords for maximum diversity. Articles keywords and links are calculated using a real algorithm to ensure keyword diversity.

Keyword Types:

  • Primary Keywords
  • Generic Keywords
  • Branded Keywords
  • Partial Match Keywords
  • Plain urls
  • Domain as anchor
  • Text urls
  • Bold Keywords
  • Italic Keywords
  • Authority Links

Advanced SEO Strategies

Whether you want to Rank a new or an established website, you have to plan carefully the SEO Strategy you must follow in order to complete your SEO Goals.

SEO Autopilot comes with an Advanced SEO Strategy Module in the form of “Keyword Percentages”.

You have Total Control over your Link Profile Creation and you can easily Plan a Short or a Long-Term SEO Strategy for you or your Clients.

Then, our Automation engine calculates automatically keyword and link diversity for search engines algorithms.

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Link Matching Feature

Link Matching (LM) is maybe one of the MOST important Features of SEO Autopilot Software.

LM allows you to assign specific keywords or keyword groups to a specific url. That means that you can create a more Accurate Link Profile to any url (Moneysite url), control your anchor text diversity and ensure that your urls will NEVER be Overoptimized.

With LM instead of running e.g. 10 Campaigns for the same Niche urls, you can just create and Run only ONE Campaign and Link Match your same niche urls to specific keywords and save ton’s on Captchas and Time!

Duplicate Protection

Almost ALL other SEO Link Building Tools, many times posts the same keyword or url more than once in the same article, which is NOT good for SEO.

Here’s what Google states about this issue:

DYK Google doesn’t have a duplicate content penalty, but having many URLs serving the same content burns crawl budget and may dilute signals“.

SEO Autopilot uses Real Duplicate Protection Algorithm (RDPA) that ensure unique keywords and links in each article.

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High Success Rate

We are working REALLY Hard every single day to offer you the Best Success Rates in the Market!

SEO Autopilot has an average of 92% Success Rates for ALL link Groups which is by far the best percentage in the Market!

We run daily campaigns and tests to ensure that all websites running as they should and we add New Quality websites every week.

Software Updates are weekly too!

White Label Reports

Whether you own an SEO Agency or you are an SEO Free Lancer or even offering Fiverr Gigs, you need to provide to your Clients with a Link Building Report.

SEO Autopilot allows you to create Professional looking White Label Reports with the push of a Button!

Link Building Reports consists of:

  • Website Link Source
  • Domain Authority
  • Landing Page
  • Keyword used for the specific Landing Page

Also, you can Upload your Own Logo, select Tier formatting or even change the color scheme to fit the colors of your Brand!

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Account Protection

When you are using Proxies to make your submissions and mostly when you submit to same accounts, ALL other software use a different proxy for the process. Many Authority Websites will ask for extra verification or even ban the account due to the fact that there is a login attempt from a different ip.

SEO Autopilot Software Bind your accounts with specific proxies and therefore you avoid bans!

Also, with our Advance Posting Algorithm, your Articles stay alive for a REALLY long period of time!

From our tests, we have active accounts that have been created in 2015!

Custom Diagram Editor

Do you want to take your SEO Success to the Next Level?

With SEO Autopilot Diagram Editor you can create your own Powerful Diagrams with UNLIMITED Tiers and take better control over the Link Sources you want to use, the Link Juice passing from Lower Tiers and the size of your SEO Strategy that fits your specific Project needs.

Of course, you can use our Pre-Created Diagrams that were carefully designed by our SEO Experts for different situations.

You can check SEO Autopilot Diagrams here

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3rd Party API Integration

We have integrated many FREE and Premium 3rd Party Services to give more control and Power to SEO Autopilot Software.

Premium Services:

  • Captcha Solving
  • Premium Spinners
  • Article Builders
  • Premium Indexers

FREE SEO Autopilot Services:

  • Free Spinner
  • Free Article Fetcher
  • Free Premium Indexer (GWT)