3 New Awesome Features


We are so excited to announce 3 new features we have added on SEO AP.

We have created a Database of 100,000+ Articles, separated in 16 Major Categories and 179 Sub-Categories.

Now, you will be able to fetch Relevant Articles and easily place them on your Link Groups! We will update our Articles Database each month with even more new Articles.

There are 3 Options for Article’s length:

  • 500 words
  • 750 words
  • 1000 words

You can now Import Articles from your pc with a click of a button! Fetching Articles from your machine is super easy and gives you more control on the Content you want to use in your Campaigns !

Two days ago, you have asked for a feature about being able to select which fields are going to be copied when you use the “Copy to All Groups” button.

We’ve heard you and we have created a simple function that allows you to select which fields you want to copy to All Groups.

On September, we are going to update this feature in a “Tier Level”, which means that you will be able to Copy Selected fields Only to the Tiers you want.

For Example, when you are creating a DAS Campaign, you will be able to Use Different Articles for each Tier and Copy those Articles to the corresponding Tiers.

Please, keep up with your suggesstions, because you are helping us make SEO AP even better and more Powerful!!!

We would like to THANK you once more for your Support and the Love you are showing to the software and to the SEO AP Team!

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2 thoughts on “3 New Awesome Features”

  1. Hi men,
    Congrats for your software, when i see the new feature “SAP autopilot import articles” i was very happy! but when I went to try I was disappointed.
    Let me explain what I expected.

    I expected that i can choose a folder or some .txt files (with spin or not) and then the software take this files for the text of the blogs with some optión like, how many of times that you can use this text, (Example, Max 2 uses for create blogs with the same file)

    I think SAP is the best software to do linkbuilding and this is just constructive criticism.

    Best Regards,

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