SEO AP Case Study: 1st Page in 45 Days


We all love Case Studies. Especially when the outcome is successful! Case Studies in SEO are really important because we can have an idea of what is working in SEO and what it does not.

I’m sure that all of you read on SEO Blogs and Forums many “opinions” from any kind of “Professionals”, “Experts”, “Gurus”, “Legends” in the SEO Industry, that tells you “Link Building is Dead” or “Web 2.0’s are not effective anymore” OR “Using Link Building Automation will harm your Rankings”.

Well… I have two words to say to all of them: “Eat this”!!!

SEO Autopilot Case Study Idea

While we were reading all those posts, we decided to do a Case Study using ONLY SEO Autopilot Software, the Google Crawler Colinkri and ONLY 10 Major Web 2.0’s.

However, we had to be “fair” and “unbiased” and not use as a Moneysite one of our own properties. We had to use an irrelevant webpage that does not belong to us and does not Rank on the first 50 results on Google. So guess what?

Since we know how Powerful, Effective and Safe SEO Autopilot Software is, we said that we are going to pick up a Random URL in a Competitive Niche and make someone REALLY happy!

So the next thing we had to do was to choose in which Niche we were going to “play”.

SEO Autopilot Case Study Strategy

The concept in our Case Study was to “Simulate” the “Behavior” of a Self Hosted PBN, BUT using only 10 Major Public Web 2.0’s that are creating Subdomains when you create a Blog. And we were going to make it x50!

SEO Autopilot Software
For this reason, we have created the SEO Expert – 50 Web 2.0’s T1 Diagram

Download the Diagram

SEO Expert – 50 Web 2.0’s T1 Diagram

Therefore, using 50 Web 2.0’s Link Groups will result in getting:
50×10= 500 Web 2.0 Blogs on 10 Web 2.0 Websites. On SEO Autopilot Software this translates to 500 Tasks.

In order to create “Depth of Content”, “Relevancy” and “Security” to those Blogs, we created the following Plan according to the “PBN Principles”:

“The first 4 Articles will be posted with NO link and after 36 Days we will post a 5th Article with 1 link pointing to the “Moneysite URL”.”

Catchall Emails
We bought 5 .com Domains and set them up for our catchall emails.

For proxies, we used the same 25 US Based Dedicated Proxies from BlazingSEO that we normally use on all our projects.

Web 2.0’s used

Captcha Service
We used 2Captcha as always!

We used 50 Different Articles per Campaign that we spun using Spinrewriter.

Google Crawler and Indexer
We used BOTH Colinkri (we were amazed by the push on Rankings before even using our Indexer!!!) and our Brand New Indexer (Still under Alpha Testings BUT it just ROCKS!!!).

SEO AP Case Study Details and Action Dates

The first thing we had to do was to choose the Niche for our case study.

From the conversations that we had with many “Big SEO Names” when we were in CMSEO2018, we decided to go for the “Best hairdryers 2019” Niche!

September 24th, 2019 – Starting Date

Using the Keyword Research Feature in Rank Tracker, we have chosen the following keywords with the corresponding Monthly Searches:

best hair dryer: 40,500
best hair dryers: 12,170
best hair dryer 2019: 9,200
best hair dryers 2019: 1,340
hair dryer: 115,630
hair dryers: 120,570

Next, we had to find our “Lucky guy”…LOL

And ta daaa
We have found this fellow somewhere on the 11th Page of Google for the term “Best hair dryers 2019”.


Without wasting any more time we put this URL on Rank Tracker to check his current Rankings.

24-09-2019 Initial Rank Tracker Report

As you may see, the URL was on 4th Page (35 position) for the Term “best hair dryer 2019”.

1st Campaign Creation

The next step was to go on SEO Autopilot Software and create our 1st Campaign on September 24th, 2019.

Since we were going to use 50 different Web 2.0’s Link Groups, we had to create 50 Account Presets in order to assign a different one in each Web 2.0 Link Group.

We have created 50 Account Presets

As I said above, we have used the SEO Expert – 50 Web 2.0’s T1 Diagram

September 30th, 2019 – 2nd SEO AP Campaign

On September 30th we have created the 2nd Campaign in SEO Autopilot Software. What we actually did, was to Duplicate the 1st Campaign, change Articles and hit the Start Button!

We did exactly the same thing on the following 2 Campaigns!

October 7th, 2019 – 3rd SEO AP Campaign

October 21st, 2019 – 4th SEO AP Campaign

November 6th, 2019 – 5th SEO AP Campaign

On November 6th (take a note on the date…) we created the 5th and Last Campaign. We did the same steps as on previous Campaigns with the only difference that we selected “1 Link per Article” on the Web 2.0’s Dashboard.

November 7th, 2019 – Colinkri Power

So, next Day after the Campaign had finished, we’ve checked that Colinkri’s Campaign had finished too.

It was the Time for the Big Truth! Check the Rankings of the URL…

Rankings after Colinkri has finished the Crawling process

Ohh YES! All keywords were Skyrocket on the 2nd Page with only 1 Link per Article on 10×50 Web 2.0’s using SEO Autopilot Software and Colinkri!

Keywords %
Primary keywords: 80%
Generic keywords: 20%

However, we wanted at least 1 keyword to hit the 1st Page. So, we took all the submitted URLs (I remind you that all those links are Tier1 pointing DIRECTLY to the Moneysite) and throw them to our New Indexer (Still trying to find a name, so if you have a Good Name in mind please feel free to share it with us!) which is currently in Alpha Testing.

And to be honest…We couldn’t be happier when we saw this…

November 8th, 2019 – Indexer Power

SEO Autopilot Software Case Study – Conclusion

We had a lot of fun running this Case Study and actually we were too confident about the results because we have worked (and still working) on so many projects with Great Success but we haven’t had the chance to write down and track everything we do in details as we did for the specific Case Study.

What we have proved in this Case Study:

1. Web 2.0’s NEVER Stopped working and are still Effective in SEO
2. A Google Crawler will definitely Boost your Rankings
3. An Effective Indexer will definitely Skyrocket your Rankings
4. SEO Autopilot as an “Automated SEO Tool” is SAFE to use for ANY website and for any SEO Link Building Campaign!

In the Next Case Study, we will be using ONLY SEO Autopilot PBN assets in order to eliminate ANY concern that some SEO AP users may have and telling us that they don’t need them or that they have no value in their SEO Projects and Rankings.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and why not suggesting another SEO Autopilot Case Study that our Team can do for the SEO AP Community and not only…!

NOTE: Since we did only 1 Campaign with 1 Link per Article, current Rankings may be different after Case Study’s end Date.

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