Link Matching


Link matching feature is a powerful feature that adds great flexibility when you create your SEO strategy. With link matching, you can match specific keywords to certain URLs.

In the following example we want to achieve the following matching with our keywords:

Keywords: “primary keyword 1”, “branded keyword 1”, “partial match keyword 1”

URL: “primary keyword 2”, “branded keyword 2”, “partial match keyword 2”

Keywords: “primary keyword 3”, “branded keyword 3”, “partial match keyword 3”

In order to use this feature, you need to keywords (Primary, Generic, Branded, Partial Match) with a non-zero percentage value.

Using Link Matching

From the “Common” tab click “Link Matching” button which can be found above “Money Site URL Links”.

From the new window, choose the link you want to match using the “Money Site URL” dropbox:

For each URL you can match multiple keywords from different categories. If any of the keywords isn’t matched with any link, then this keyword will be matched with a random URL from money site list.

In this example we’ve matched the first three links with certain keywords from different categories:

When you finish, click “Match Links” to save the matching.

Keep in mind that if you match all URL links then for each active keyword group (Primary, Generic, Branded, Partial Match), at least one keyword must be matched with a link, otherwise, the software will raise a validation error, not letting you proceed. If you want to exclude one keyword category from being matched, you have to disable it from the “Common” tab.

In the above example, we have left “Generic Keywords” category unmatched but we won’t have any issues because we did not match all URL links (we’ve matched only link1, link2, link3 from a total of five).

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