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It is well known that Link Building is the most important Ranking factor in SEO. Building Quality backlinks to your website, is essential for your website Rankings and reputation. We have found a very interesting article about “The Benefits of Link Building” which analyzes in depth why link building is important and why you should focus on getting Quality backlinks from Authority websites. “Links still have many many years left in them. “I would expect that for the next few years, we will continue to use links in order to assess the basic reputation of pages and of sites.” – Matt Cutts

The Benefits of Link Building

Link building is one major aspect of search engine optimization that you ought to know. In this guide, you will learn what link building is, and how it is beneficial for your website. Link building is the process of getting links to your site. Most webmasters feel that writing quality articles will help them in getting links, but that’s not 100% true. Unless you specifically try to get links, it will be hard for you to do so. Back in the day, link building was an easy process. You could easily submit to article directories and place comments on blogs to generate backlinks. The quality of inbound links didn’t matter so much. On April 24, 2014, Google launched the Google Penguin algorithm, and it changed everything about link building. Today, link building is much more of a skill, and it takes time to get it right. Link building is the process of getting links from high authority sites, quality sites, and relevant/related sites. The focus is on quality and relevancy of links. More than that, diversity of links plays a significant role in higher search engine ranking.

Quality, Relevancy, Diversity

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization, and here I’m showcasing some of the major benefits of link building for your website. In general, the popularity of a website or blog is determined by the number of inbound links. The number of inbound links from quality websites is also a big factor in determining your Domain Authority (DA). After starting a blog or website, it is always advisable to spend the starting few weeks on link building so that you will have more exposure on search engines. Incoming links from an authority website are always rewarded in Google Search. Effective link building doesn’t mean building unlimited links; it means getting genuine links from reliable websites.

Some benefits of link building:

  • More visibility of your website or blog in search results.
  • Receive traffic from other websites linked to you.
  • High-quality incoming links mean your site will be admired as a valuable resource.
  • Link building also helps in getting indexed in search results quicker.
  • Link building is also considered the most important aspect of SEO.

Link building can be performed with many strategies:

  • Writing content in Web 2.0’s Blogs.
  • Upload posts to PDF Websites.
  • Get .edu backlinks
  • Use High-Quality Social Bookmarking websites.
  • Get links from Authority Websites.
  • Get High-Quality Web 2.0 Profile Links.
  • Use Url shorteners with high DA.
  • Support your Tier1 backlinks with Tier2+ backlinks.

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