The day you’ve been waiting for has come! SEO Expert Plan is released!


Big changes are coming to SEO Autopilot

As you’ve already known, we are always trying to find ways that improve SEO Autopilot Software and we are always responding to your ideas and suggestions by adding new features you suggest.

Currently, by using SEO AP you save at least 120 man hours per keyword, which is really impressive and according to your feedback you get 90% to 95% success rates on your Campaigns for Keywords and Video Ranking projects!

But… you know that we never stop…

Three years ago…

From the beginning of SEO AP development, we wanted to achieve:

  • A Super Powerful SEO Software
  • Superb Client Service
    Create a strong community of SEOs from around the world
  • Constant Training with Webinars, Tutorials, Videos and last but not least
  • SEO Autopilot become for you a Powerful Tool which will help you succeed!


Almost after a year of Autopilot SEO release and by evaluating the results of our work, we believe that we have achieved most of our goals! We are too close to achieve the rest…Except one…

As we’ve mentioned before, from the beginning we have envisioned to create a super-powerful software, but for many reasons, SEO Autopilot came onto the market in the form of plans. So now we have four active Plans with four different prices: Starter ($59), Professional ($79), Premium ($99), SEO Expert ($149).

We have decided that the time has come to implement our initial vision and release SEO Autopilot in the Market, as an ONE Plan Software, by removing multiple Plans and different prices.

What does multiple Plans removal mean for us?

By removing multiple Plans on SEO AP, we can now focus on a “single” product, the SEO Expert version. For us, and therefore for you too, means:

  • Even higher quality Client Service
  • Quicker response to Support Tickets
  • Adding even more new features, besides those that are already included in SEO Expert Plan

What does multiple Plans removal mean for you?

By removing multiple Plans on SEO AP and merge them into one Plan, the SEO Expert Plan, everyone can now benefit from the following features:

  • 2 PC Activations
  • White Label Reporting
  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Bookmarkings Tier 2+
  • Url Shorteners
  • Authority Links
  • Edu Websites
  • PDF Upload Websites
  • Wiki Websites
  • Forum Profiles
  • Social Bookmarkings Tier 1 (HQ)
  • Web 2.0’s Profile links
  • GOV Backlinks (under dev)
  • Article Directories (under dev)
  • Miscellaneous (under dev)
  • More NEW AMAZING Features!)

What is the price of the SEO Expert Plan?

As you’ve already known, SEO Expert Plan costs $149/mo, but at this point, the Good news is coming…

We have decided to offer the SEO Expert Plan for just $99/mo FOREVER!

Software Upgrade and at the same time Price downgrade!

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